Software Outsourcing Services

C-Technologies offers the well-known and recognized Nearshore model, which means more than just working in same time zone or close to it; it means close interaction and a faster time response.

C-Technologies has acquired and developed strategic service delivery centers in Mexico under a proper legal umbrella, providing a safe and secure option for US based companies, which treat with a US corporate vendor, not foreign.
Please download our brochure document to know more about the benefits of C-Technologies Nearshore Model.

Application Development

Savvy model to provide a rapid response to your needs

Businesses rely a considerable part of their everyday operation on software applications; therefore the need for a reliable and experienced software development.
Our large array of ramped up projects delivered on time and meeting our strong quality standards.

Development model core elements

  • Best engineering practices
  • +60,000 hours in outsourcing development
  • Six Sigma practices
  • SCRUM agile methodology
  • CMMi and PSP alignment


  • ColdFusion, Php and .Net
  • Tailor-made applications
  • Code Modernization

Maintenance and Support

Efficiency and value. Focus on strategic goals and planning

An organization needs to maintain its complex applications in an efficient cost-benefit way.
Our maintenance and support model allows you to focus on strategic goals and planning, increasing your business' efficiency and value.

Our Solutions

  • Customer Support
  • Emergency Fixes
  • Project Management
  • Application Delivery Continuity


  • Reduce costs. Hassle-free integration with your current maintenance and support team, in-house or outsourced
  • Top-notch delivery. We guarantee a reliable service to your business
  • Continuous service delivery. We keep your business applications running and growing, in a cost-effective way

Staff Augmentation

Tight in-house management

The solution to keep delivering top-quality software development within your organization and clients, the cost-efficient way.
Our Staff Augmentation service is designed and best suited for companies looking to outsource all or parts of their Software Development process.

Our Solutions

  • Dedicated Top-tier developers, NOT shared among clients
  • Team managed by your in-house managers or shared
  • Direct access to your team
  • Billing calculated on per-hour OR monthly rates


  • Highest control over the projects
  • Low-risk
  • Full control when creating your team
  • Specialized resources backed by a world-class software vendor
  • No capital investment, recruiting, equipment or infrastructure overhead
  • Cost-effective resources, flexibility and time-to-market advantages
  • Rapidly increasing the size of your dedicated team

Business Intelligence

One of our flagship projects, a 2009 NetMedia innovation award winner project. This Business Intelligence Solution allows reducing business opportunities and commercial data analysis by 50%. System is soon to be implemented country-wide by Mexican Ministry of Economics. Currently implemented for the European Union Commission.

Services: Architecture, design and coding.
Challenges: Integration of a real-time logistics and traffic database with +30 millions of records, United Nations and CIA databases and services.


During 2009 Mexican federal elections, C-Technologies provided sms and mobile technology advisory through its subsidiary company Quiubas! to a political party. Client got its best voting numbers in party's existence.


Migrated the leading Chapter 11 desktop application into a flexible and powerful SaaS solution.
This application automates the whole Chapter 11 process.