Software Services by Sector

C-Technologies provides IT & software related services to a wide range of industries and business areas. Our clients have come to rely on our expertise to help them turn their idea into a state-of-the-art solution.

Public Sector

Public sector has become a high-expectations and demands business area. Newest technology and development of emerging technologies in private sector has raised the bar for citizens demanding better and customized public services.
IT has made it possible to deliver such services almost instantly with high quality standards and better cost-efficient processes and a better budget management. For citizens, these changes translate into simpler and less time-consuming services.

C-Technologies has helped federal and state government agencies improve relationships with citizens, specially with transparency concerns and budgeting. Agencies have become operational efficient and offered new services.

Case Studies:

Competitive Intelligence System (SIC)
"Most Innovative Application" award winning development in the "Business Intelligence and Project Management" category according to NetMedia and Information Week Magazine in Mexico. Started as a small project built in-house and now it is referred as "the international business application" in Mexican Federal government.

Guanajuato State Investment Initiatives Bank
-Realtime workflow process to automate decision making on Public Investment projects per municipalities.

Guanajuato State Public Investment Dashboard
-Realtime request funding information for citizens requests as well as high-profile federal and state government members.

Beck Disaster Recovery
-Clean up after hurricanes Ike and Katrina reimburse management and control system.


The pharmaceutical industry is one of the 3 most competitive and aggressive sectors online. In order to stay on top of customer preference, we must create the perfect storm: flexible and robust e-commerce solutions and superb supply chain components.
Pharmaceutical companies are facing governmental and regulatory agencies pressure in order to ensure medication product safety; they have taken advantage of software and IT resources to leverage their experience and efficiently cover their needs such as inventory management and regulatory compliance. Pharmaceutical companies try to stay on top of their competitors by providing fast response to end customers and reducing overhead costs and provide better customer service.
Pharmaceutical suppliers seek flexible and effective methods to support daily operations and manage recalls/returns.
In addition for internal operations benefits, pharmaceutical companies rely on software and IT to provide customer a strong sense of safety when buying their products.

Case Studies:

E-commerce websites
Websites that enable b2b and end customer transactions.
There is a centralized payment processing portal that allows a separate branding for each website. Websites have been developed and localized for US and European Union markets.

Patient Managing System
Allows the proper and detailed management of thousand of customers across the world and their medical consumption history. This system is capable of tracing illnesses, Rx, order history, medication refills and legal affairs.

Call center campaigns
Realtime leads generation loaded on call center dialers based on orders, refill reminders and Rx confirmations.

Automotive Industry

As one of the largest manufacturing sectors, the automotive industry has come to rely on IT services for turnkey mission critical projects. Either for reducing defects on manufacturing, improving features on existing vehicles or planning the next generation of vehicles, IT has helped the industry achieve their goals.

Case Studies:

SMS alerts
We built a realtime SMS alert system for one of the largest car manufacturers at their main plant. This innovative system allows QA engineers to be aware of potential issues and performance behavior on prototype engines.

What better way to increase sales than getting to know your customers. The CRM SMS system allows car dealerships to learn their existing customer habits and have shorter sales cycles.