C-Technologies Overview

C-Technologies is a global client-oriented company, with core expertise in software based services. Since its foundation in 2004, C-Technologies has been redefining the provider-client relationship when it comes to software solutions, not only providing services but teaming up with a hands-on approach that leads to delivering top-quality software solutions and clients achieving their objectives.
We strive in fostering long-term relationships with our clients by providing the highest quality services. Our cutting-edge services help our clients improve performance throughout the different stages of their business.

By understanding our client's needs, we provide continuous innovation through the highest service levels, becoming not only a vendor or provider, but an integral part of the business.

C-Technologies owns companies in the mobile, marketing, political and SMS sectors.

World-class award winning projects, and a certified business provider by world authority D&B speak for ourselves.

Headquartered in Silicon Hills (Austin, TX), C-Technologies has worldwide operations in US, Canada, Europe and Central America.

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